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S2, Ep. 35: Sometimes We Dish on our Sex/Life!

Updated: 2 days ago

Today we have an open and honest conversation about the latest TV series on Netflix called Sex/Life that is getting so much buzz. Some of that buzz is good and some may not be so good, but we took one for the team and watched it so we could discuss the many, MANY scenarios, scenes, issues and parallels this series raised. Are people meant to be monogamous? Are there marriages that are happy, or is it way more work than we thought? Are women settling? What do men want? Are people honest with each other? These are just a few of the topics we discuss, and yes, that infamous shower scene - we address that as well! You may want a Martini for this one!

*STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT warning for this episode.


***If you plan on watching Sex/Life, or are part way through the series, do not listen to this episode until you've finished. (No pun intended)