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Episode 24: Sometimes We Get it to Go - Pt. 1

Not gonna lie- we sometimes eat fast food. Who doesn't? On this episode we talk about all things fast food: Where do you get it? What do you eat? What places do you avoid at all costs? Do you like drive-thru or sit down? These are the questions we ponder and of course laugh and debate about. Sound like fluff? You bet it is!!! Not everything needs to be a deep dive. Unless it's Chipotle chips. Into Guac. Then it's gotta go pretty deep into that goodness.

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Two friends laughing (and sometimes crying) through life together! Come be our new friend! Grab a glass of wine, a cup of coffee, or maybe it's a vodka day or a snuggly chai tea day... whatever your pleasure-

you can sit with us!


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