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Episode 23: "True Crime Tuesday- Armin Meiwes/Mary Bell/The Hinterkaifeck Murders/Lionel Tate"

Updated: Jun 30

Listen in friends as we explore 4 different cases on this True Crime Last Tuesday episode! First we have Armin Meiwes, a friendly if not romantic Cannibal story with a twist. Then comes one Mary Bell, this little girl is NOT messing around! Take her seriously dammit! Let the hairs on your neck stand up while you hear about The Hinterkaifeck Murders- a century old who dunnit with the pickaxe in the barn! Last but not least, we learn about Lionel Tate, the would be pre-teen amateur wrestler who took things too far... grab something comforting to sip, and settle in for a few great true crime stories!

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