Sometimes It's About Us!

Kristen and Sarita are two gals from the Iron Range of Minnesota who found themselves in a peculiar situation! You'll have to listen to Episode 1 to understand what that means!  



Sarita lives in the Twin Cities Metro with her fiance, her teenage daughter and their 3 dogs.  She has 3 grown children who are busy living their lives, but she loves spending time with them when she can.  Sarita loves red wine & enjoys cooking! She also loves writing, blogging and of course podcasting with her BFF...


Kristen also lives in the Twin Cities Metro with her 2 boys, ages 4 and 12.  She is a hockey mom, a lover of college attending, and doing the One Chip Challenge! She will also do just about anything for sushi- but she won't do that!  You can find Kristen at the gym if she's able to get some time for herself, otherwise she's snuggled up with a blanket and Netflix...

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Minneapolis Skyline during Autumn at Sun